This necklace is planned on the theme of nullifying the essence. Drawer handles, water pipes and screws are wrapped in leather, disregarding the original purpose of the object and highlighting only its form. Each piece is stitched using the most sophisticated techniques.

No.1 Wrap necklace KU
Material: calf leather, water pipe(copper)
Pendant: 14.5cm×4.5cm
Length of string: 86cm
Weight: 56g

No.2    Wrap necklace RI
Material: calf leather, drawer handle, L-shape screw
Pendant: 11.5cm×9cm
Length of string: 86cm
Weight: 92g

No.3   Wrap necklace C
Material: calf leather, drawer handle
Pendant: 12cm×2.5cm
Length of string: 86cm
Weight: 58g